We offer a wide range of services in IT, since 2007.


Our team has the expetise and experience required for providing consultancy services and define IT strategies. We highlight the following areas:

  • Information Systems Design
  • Document Management Systems Design
  • Web Service and System Integrations
  • IT Infraestructure Design

Information Systems allow for more efficient processes in organizations.

We have the expertise and experience required for the design, implementation and deployment of information systems that not only ensure availability, traceability, and security, but also allow for IT based workflows.

Document Management is a key factor in process optimization. We provide customizable solutions that take into account:

  • Pre-existing document import (digital of physical support)
  • Access and security policies definition
  • Availability regardless of physical location
  • Support for various interfaces (web, mobile app, FTP/CIFS/WebDAV protocol)

We design reservation management systems featuring reservation synchronization among different OTAs (Channel Manager), automatic SEF reporting (Portuguese border authorities), integration with online payment and invoice systems, customizable list exports, etc.

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We create websites making use of the most up-to-date web technologies, including Responsive Web Design. We create websites with a wide range of purposes, such as:

  • Public facing for information systems
  • Company presentation
  • Event presentation
  • Etc.
Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that can be applied in order to achieve better rankings in the search engines. Far from an extra feature, it's something we apply from the very beginning of the development of websites.


Here we highlight some of our projects.




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